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Should You Pursue Digital Marketing Course Online or Offline?

Nov 13

Digital marketing as a field has been growing substantially over the past few years encouraging more and more people to take up digital marketing field as a profession. If you are also planning to get into the industry by joining a Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad, one thing might be confusing you – choosing between online and offline digital marketing course. Read this blog and find out the pros and cons of both.

Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad

Online Course


  1. Convenience factor – An online course gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of time and place of study. You can study anywhere at any time of the day at your convenience.
  2. Good for professionals – If you have a full-time job and still wish to learn digital marketing, you can benefit a lot from an online course. You can easily study during your post-work hours and balance work and studying efficiently.
  3. Record your lectures – If any day you are not able to study during the live streaming of the classes, you can always record the lecture and study during your free hours.


  1. Doubt solving issue – Learning and doubt solving can be slightly difficult in an online course since you won’t be able to contact your instructors as freely and seamlessly. You might even have to wait for a while to get a solution of your doubts.
  2. Increased learning curve – The period of learning also gets prolonged in an online course. You miss out on the regular student-faculty interactions that speed up the learning process.
  3. Costlier programme – The budget factor also comes into play here since online courses are substantially costlier than the offline ones.

Offline Course


  1. Quicker learning – In an offline course, you can interact with your instructors as well as fellow students on a regular basis. This interaction increases the speed of your learning.
  2. Faster doubt solving – Since you will be studying with your instructor, you can get your confusions cleared as and when they come to you. Plus, you also get to learn from the doubts of your fellow students.
  3. More affordable – The fees of an offline course are pretty low as compared to online courses. This makes the process much more affordable for you.


  1. Location problem – Unlike an online course, an offline course doesn’t take place at your convenience. You might have to travel a good distance to access a quality offline course.
  2. Time consuming – Offline courses have longer class duration than online courses. While it does lead to better learning, it can prove to be inconvenient for some people. Especially if you have a full-time job, you might not be able to take out that much of time.

As suggested here, there is no one definite answer to the question. Both online and offline courses have their own pros and cons. You should always look at your circumstances before choosing one option.

Chirag Shah Digital Marketing Trainer/Consultant Chirag Shah is Google Adwords and Analytics Certified professional. He is a Digital marketing professional who specializes in conversion optimization, on page optimization and Digital marketing training.

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